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Oxbridge began in Oxford in 1986, with the aim of giving bright and intellectually curious students a learning opportunity they could not get anywhere else: the chance to immerse themselves in subjects they are passionate about, guided by university professors and subject experts. With small classes, and some of the world's greatest intellectual and cultural hubs as backdrops, Oxbridge aimed to provide a world-class learning experience.

Three decades and many thousands of students later, Oxbridge continues to deliver a learning experience like no other. We now offer over 150 course options in five cities: Oxford, Cambridge, Paris, Barcelona and New York. Our programs range from one week to four weeks and cater to students in grades 8 through 12. Whether students come to Oxbridge to deepen their knowledge of a subject they are already passionate about or to spark interest in a completely new domain, Oxbridge provides them with the opportunity to explore their chosen topic as it would be taught at university.


Oxbridge provides students with the opportunity to explore their chosen topic as it would be taught at university.


Oxbridge is not a summer extension to school. Our courses are specifically designed to be taught experientially, through discussion, debate, and experiment, and to culminate in student-driven projects and presentations. Crucially, our courses also make the most of the extraordinary cities in which they take place. Our instructors use the city as a classroom and our students have access to world-class institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, the Louvre in Paris, and the Ashmolean in Oxford. Our students can study at a college founded in 1284, conduct debates in Oxford's famed Union, shadow business professionals on Wall Street, refine their writing skills in the venues that inspired Zadie Smith and Ernest Hemingway, and discuss existentialism in the very cafes once frequented by Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre. There is no greater backdrop to cultivate your student's love of learning than Oxbridge.


Who are our students?

Our students come from all over the world. Over the past five years, we have welcomed attendees from over 115 countries. Whether our students are coming from China, Brazil, the United States, Italy, or South Africa, what unites them is a passion for their subjects and curiosity about discovering new interests. Our students form lifelong friendships that stretch across continents when they come to Oxbridge.


 Who teaches at Oxbridge?

Oxbridge faculty is comprised of professors and researchers drawn from some of the most prestigious universities in the world, including Oxford, Cambridge, Pompeu Fabra, Harvard, and Yale. Many of our teachers are Rhodes, Gates, or Marshall scholars. We are also lucky to include industry professionals, such as authors, photographers, and artists, among our faculty. Learn more about all of our instructors.

Academic Success with Oxbridge

We regularly reach out to our alumni to update us on their academic progress. Here are the results of the most recent survey (updated in 2019), listing the top colleges and universities that our 591 respondents have gone on to attend.

New York University 44
Yale University 41
Harvard College 34
Columbia University 30
University of Southern California 26
University of Chicago 25
University of St. Andrews 22
University of Pennsylvania 20
McGill University 19
Princeton University 18
Barnard College 17
University of Edinburgh 16
University College London 15
University of Oxford 15
Georgetown University 14
Stanford University 14
University of Notre Dame 12
University of Michigan 10
Boston College 9
Brown University 9
Dartmouth College 9
Northwestern University 9
Tufts University 9
University of California, Los Angeles 9
University of British Columbia 9
Williams College 9
Emory University 8
University of Virginia 8
Duke University 7
George Washington University 7
Johns Hopkins University 7
King's College London 7
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 7
Northeastern University 7
University of California, Berkeley 7
Vassar College 7
American University 6
London School of Economics 6
Oberlin College 6
University of Toronto 6
Washington University in St. Louis 6
Brandeis University 5
Barnard College 5
Cornell University 5
Franklin & Marshall College 5
Tulane University 5
Wellesley College 5

Attending an Oxbridge program is transformative. Students gain critical life skills and often create lifelong friendships that span across countries and continents.


Immerse yourself in some of the world's greatest cultural centers


What People Are Saying About Oxbridge Academic Programs

This was by far the most informative-while-being-interactive class I've ever had, and it made learning easier and more fun. Oxbridge made a huge impact on me by increasing my confidence and uncovering my strong interest in global business that I now hope to pursue.


Oxbridge Student

Thanks to the Cambridge Tradition experience, my daughter is much more mature, has a better knowledge of how to live abroad without her family, and she's better prepared for university! Her time at Oxbridge reaffirmed that she wants to study architecture and now she has all the skills to reach her goals.

Ana Maria

Cambridge Tradition Parent

Our daughter had a wonderful experience, and she found the Psychology and Genetics courses engaging and useful. She learned new things, made friends, and had 4 amazing weeks! Many thanks to your entire team for making this possible!

Oxbridge Parent

Our daughter loved the Oxford Prep program. She enjoyed her Major, made nice friends, and really began to feel more independent and confident while exploring beautiful Oxford. A great experience through and through and just what we all were hoping for! In fact, she is already talking about participating in the Cambridge program next year.


Oxbridge Prep Parent

Just wanted to reach out to thank you for helping to make my daughter's summer spectacular! She returned on Saturday and has clearly grown from the summer experience. She raves about her time with Dr. Tijn Van Winden and her French teacher.


Oxbridge in Paris Parent

Thank you for making my son's experience at Cambridge so memorable! Usually reserved, he talked the whole way home from the airport about what he learned in class, the friends he made, and the museums he visited. My son was initially a bit reluctant to attend a two-week course, but at the end of the second week - he was sad it was ending so quickly!

Cambridge Prep Parent

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