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What is required to apply?

Personal Statement

A personal statement is a short essay of approximately 500 words to help us get to know you. Tell us about why you would like to attend, what interests you about your Major and Minor courses, and what you will contribute to the program. Let us know about your academic and extracurricular interests and anything else that will help us to get to know you.


A copy of your most recent transcript or grade report from school. This can be sent to our New York address, faxed, or emailed to


Applications require a deposit of $1050 US to be marked as complete. This is deducted from the total tuition upon acceptance and is refundable.

For Language Immersion Students Only: Writing Sample and Recommendation

Students applying for a language immersion program (L'Académie de France or La Academia de España), and students taking immersion courses in Paris and Barcelona, are asked to submit a writing sample in French/Spanish and a completed recommendation form from their French/Spanish teacher. This is not required if taking beginner French/Spanish. This form is provided during the application and can also be accessed here.

Admission Department Review

Our admissions team carefully reviews the completed application and contacts students in the order in which they've applied. Admissions decisions are typically sent by email within two weeks of receipt of a completed application.

Rolling Admissions Policy:

We accept applications throughout the year until the programs are full. 

Tuition, Dates, & Details

The comprehensive fee includes: all tuition and instruction, accommodation, breakfast and dinner daily, transportation to and from the airport, all books and materials, guest presentations, workshops, field trips, and all cultural and social activities organized by the program, including sports, excursions, museum and gallery admissions, and theater tickets. It does not include airfare, lunch daily, or personal expenditures, such as snacks, laundry, souvenirs, and so on.

Program Grades 2019 Dates 2019 Tuition
The Oxford Tradition Grades 10 - 12 July 7 - August 3    $8950 US
The Oxford Prep Experience Grades 8 - 9  July 6 - August 1  $8750 US
The Cambridge Tradition Grades 10 - 12 Full Program: July 6 - August 2
Session I: July 6- July 19
Session II: July 20 - August 2 
 Full Program: $8950 US
One Session: $5150 US
The Cambridge Prep Experience Grades 8 - 9 Full Program: July 6 - August 1
Session I: July 6 - July 18
Session II: July 18 - August 1  
 Full Program: $8750 US
One Session: $4950
L'Académie de Paris  Grades 9 - 12 July 1 - July 28  $8250 US
L'Académie de France Grades 9 - 12 July 1 - July 28   $8150 US
La Academia de Barcelona Grades 9 - 12 July 4 - July 31   $8250 US
La Academia de España Grades 9 - 12 July 3 - 30   $8150 US
The New York College Experience Grades 9 - 12 June 27 - July 24   $8550 US
Oxbridge at UCLA Grades 10 - 12 June 29 - July 26  $8350 US
Oxbridge at UCLA Prep Grades 7 -  8 July 7 - July 27  $6300 US
The College Experience in Boston Grades 9 - 12 Full Program: June 25 - July 22
Session I: June 25 - July 8
Session II: July 9 - July 22 
 Full Program: $8750 US
One Session: $4950
The Oxford Summer Seminars Grades 10 - 12 Session I: August 3 - August 10
Session II: August 10 - August 17
Double Session: August 3 - August 17 
One week: $2800 US;
Both weeks: $5150 US
The Oxford Spring Seminar Grades 10 - 12 March 23 - 31 (Individual Travelers)
School Groups May Arrange Alternate Dates 
 $2800 US
The New York College Seminar Grades 9 - 12 July 31 - August 7  $2800 US
Paris Connection Grades 8 - 12 Various dates in July - August  $1445-$1895 US

Most students apply online through our website. Applications are rolling, so we recommend applying as early as possible to secure a place in your preferred courses.

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Course Guarantee Dates


Some classes fill very quickly. We therefore recommend that students apply as early as possible. Students whose applications are postmarked on or before each program's course guarantee date, and who are accepted into the program, will be guaranteed their first choice of courses, subject to enrollment minima. The course guarantee dates for each program are as follows:

The Oxford Spring Seminar: January 4, 2019
The Oxford Tradition: January 11, 2019
The Cambridge Tradition: January 18, 2019
US, France, Spain: January 25, 2019
The Ox/Cam Prep Programs: February 1, 2019
The NYC and Oxford Seminars: April 12, 2019

Please note: These dates are not admission deadlines. We accept applications on a rolling basis until the program is full.

Students who cannot be placed into their first choice Major or Minor/Workshop will automatically be placed in their second or third choice, subject to the availability of that course, and also placed on the waiting list for their first choice. If wait-listed for a class, the student will be notified as soon as a space becomes available. If a class is cancelled due to low enrollment levels, students will be notified immediately and placed in their second choice. Students who wish to change courses may do so, in writing, to our New York office, up until Friday February 15, 2019 for the Spring Seminar and Friday May 24, 2019 for the summer programs.

Medical Emergency Cancellation Insurance

Non-refundable Medical Emergency Cancellation Insurance is available for $125 US per application to protect against unavoidable cancellations due to documented medical emergencies involving the student or immediate family members. This insurance can ONLY be purchased at the time of application. The cancellation policy is as follows:

  Without Medical Emergency Cancellation Insurance With Medical Emergency Cancellation
Payments refundable, including deposit (Oxford Spring Seminar ONLY) Until January 4, 2019 Until February 15, 2019*
Payments refundable, minus the deposit (Oxford Spring Seminar ONLY) Until February 15, 2019 Until March 1, 2019*
No refunds (Oxford Spring Seminar ONLY) After February 15, 2019 After March 1, 2019
Payments refundable, including deposit  Until April 5, 2019 Until May 3, 2019*
Payments refundable, minus the deposit Until May 3, 2019 Until June 7, 2019*
No refunds After May 3, 2019 After June 7, 2019*

*With Medical Emergency Cancellation Insurance, refunds will be made only in the case of a documented medical emergency.

Financial Aid


UPDATE: The 2019 Scholarship Application is now available!

A variety of scholarships are available, based equally on financial need and the student’s ability to contribute to the program in the broadest sense. The standard online application should not be used if you are applying for a scholarship. Please only use the Scholarship Application provided below. Scholarship Applications and all supporting documentation must be mailed to our address, not faxed or emailed. Please see scholarship deadline dates below in Scholarships FAQs.

For scholarship questions please email us at

Download Scholarship Application